Environment: The Ribeira Sacra

Casa Ferrador is on Ribeira Sacra (Lugo)

The Ribeira Sacra is a space of more than 735 km2 with a rich historical and artistic heritage. In addition to the natural environment, molds all its attractiveness to a rugged landscape.


The Ribeira Sacra
A total of 20 city councils constitutes this fashionable space in Galicia, of which 12 are part of the province of Lugo and eight belong to the province of Ourense.

The entire Ribeira Sacra is articulated by the passage of the two main Galician river courses, the Río Miño and the Río Sil. Rivers whose hydrographic basins bathe meadows, wetlands, peatlands, oak groves and vineyards.

The terraces with the vineyards from Roman times, the cliffs that form the Sil and Miño canyons, the viewpoints, the more than 15 monasteries, the 203 Romanesque churches, the 60 rectories, crossroads, breastplates, castles, country houses, museums, the dozens of cellars of DO wines Ribeira Sacra, the ancient artisan ceramics Niñodaguía and Gundivós, local gastronomy, river cruises, active tourism activities... have been key to fighting for the declaration of World Heritage Site.

If you want more information about the Ribeira Sacra, consult Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia

"A privileged environment of nature and historical heritage"

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